Cornerstone Values & Priorities

John Valdivia is focused on attracting quality of life venues that touch the lives of residents; John has dubbed them as his cornerstone values & priorities, and are enumerated by a “RAISE” THE LID level of leadership approach:

Restaurant Row—Hospitality Lane is the most prominent area for residents and visitors to enjoy quality restaurants & eateries.  As your elected official, John commits to actively recruit, negotiate and proactively search out potential restaurateurs that will add variety to our current choices.

Within the last five years, San Bernardino’s 3rd Ward leadership has been defunct, negligent or too preoccupied with personal agendas to advocate for this important business corridor of our city.  The following are restaurants that have shuttered their doors: Yamazato Japanese Restaurant, California Pizza Kitchen, Ruby Tuesday, Guada-la-Harry’s, & Crabby Bob’s.

Attract quality jobs & businesses—residents need quality jobs anchored in San Bernardino that will provide jobs that promote sustainable salries & attractive benefit packages to meet their respective obligations to their families. Similarly, John is conscientious that San Bernardino is in need of small businesses, as he consistently reminds residents that small businesses are the heart-beat of any great city.  As your representative on city council, John Valdivia will actively recruit and maintain relationships with the business community and he will be a loud voice for the small business entrepreneur. John will be steadfast in eliminating red-tape, fees, and adamant in proposing a reduction in city sales tax to revive San Bernardino.

Inject growth and expansion of the auto dealerships-Since 2008, 5 prominent auto dealerships [1] have shuttered their showroom floors and have had to abandon their lots. The closure of these businesses has been ignored and consequently, this business corridor has been stricken by increased graffiti, abandoned lots full of weeds, and not properly maintained.  Further, it has decimated the city’s tax base, as these collective dealers, brought in nearly $40 million annually to fund city resources, such as police, fire, pot hole/street repairs, street lighting, and maintenance of parks and libraries. John is committed to build this neglected business district and seek out auto dealers and associated businesses to anchor a strong collection of dealers to our city.

Secure the safety of citizens of San Bernardino’s 3rd Ward with a “SAFE STREETS” plan:

Strong commitment to police & fire—Residents have high expectations on this basic service from their city officials. Key to improving the quality of life is a focused and committed leader like John Valdivia, who is unashamedly supportive of a strong police and fire departments.  John believes that safety is a key factor in attracting young families and responsible citizens to San Bernardino. He is supportive of more police on patrol and minimizing lay-offs.  As your elected official, John Valdivia will be supportive of restoring fire personnel to meet the demands of a city our size.

Leadership—the next police chief needs to have a commitment to this city and its residents. John will seek to establish a measured and specific minimum level of service commitment  agreement from the proposed police chief. John will advocate for a police chief with experience, tough approach to eliminate crime, and improve morale within rank-and-file of the department.

Attract quality employees within the police and fire departments: John is committed to the principle of retaining the best professionals for staffing these departments. Residents and business minimum expectations are to have competent, qualified, and dedicated men & women who serve residents and risk their lives for our common good. Attractive pay salaries and working conditions are an important part to these professionals who are looking at the city of San Bernardino as their employer.

Fight crime with measurable & quantifiable statistical outcomes and integrity-driven leadership

Encourage good neighbor values in become allies with our safety community.  We are  one and “Im my brother keeper” philosophy will allow us to stop divisiveness and support our police and fire.

Eliminate wasteful spending, bloated budgets and top heavy programs. Citizens of the 3rd Ward have been ignored, neglected and ostracized by city hall politicos.  Parks have been neglected and closed, community centers have limited hours in serving their community, libraries have limited ability to acquire the latest book titles, and potholes and street repairs are put on the back burner.   Copper theft has plagued this city lighting and John is a strong supporter of tackling this pandemic problem by working with his neighborhood group in identifying and reporting downed street poles, burnt out light bulbs, and even reported suspicious activity of criminal behavior that appear to be related to copper theft.  John knows first-hand the limited library schedule as he regularly frequents his local branch library and weekly visits the main library in San Bernardino, and, has a fond appreciation for library services. This “kick the can down-the-road” mentality is unacceptable and unimaginable.

Additionally, John has maintained and identified multiple cost-saving approaches to fund street & pothole repairs and has advanced the cause of residents and speaking publicly at council meetings, neighborhood groups, and various citizen-based, grass root-type meetings.  John Valdivia has a pattern of meeting with or calling city departments and  identifying the problem, studying the issue and matching solution based approaches that are both pragmatic  & common sense.

[1] San Bernardino Auto Dealerships: Freeway Lincoln Mercury, Inland Valley Buick/GMC, Center Chevrolet, SB Mitsubishi, Kennedy Cadillac, SB Hyundai, & Inland Empire Volvo.   Just recently, All Star Kia came to San Bernardino in mid-Summer 2010, along with the newly opened SB Mitsubishi in May 2011.