About John

John Valdivia is committed to neighborhood values, and grew up in San Bernardino. John attended schools from K-12 in San Bernardino, and, with the exception of his college days in the mid-west, has been a proud resident of San Bernardino. John Valdivia is immensely proud of San Bernardino, and, has inspired others to exhibit their civic pride in San Bernardino in their involvement to restore its greatness.  John is committed to his local community and serves his community at large, and neighborhood, by volunteering in civic organizations, and has been appointed to various commissions by the San Bernardino City Council prior to him serving on the city council.

John is an avid reader and has a personal collection of more than 1,000 books in his library. John’s commitment to education and personal enrichment is evident in attending college and earning a Bachelor of Arts -Evangel University in Springfield, MO; later studying for the M.Div. at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA.

Known for John’s amiable and friendly demeanor,  he was employed by a major pharmaceutical company, most recently employed with one of the world largest pharmaceutical companies, Merck & Co., and earned several awards as top performer,  and was recognized for his management capabilities and unrelenting work ethic. John’s talent and commitment to excellence in his field did not go unrecognized as his management team encouraged him to, and approved John to enter studies to earn a Master of Business Administration graduate degree, studying at Azusa Pacific University, Asuza, CA.

John has also served as an adjunct faculty member at a local seminary. After a successful stint in the seminary classroom, John was approached by the executive committee of the seminary and offered the position of Vice President of Institutional Advancement. He was tasked with creation of newly formed department and under his direction, John proved to be pragmatic in connecting the seminary with the denominational sponsor, secured funding and forged relationships with churches and parishes throughout his respective denomination. John has served on numerous para-church organizations, and has offered opinion pieces, advocated for conservative values, and lectured on issues relating to the church growth and attends worship services at a local church in San Bernardino.

Community Involvement

More recently, John Valdivia resurrected a neighborhood group, Victoria Neighborhood Group and formed the team to establish Amtrak Neighborhood Group; John, and his wife, Bethany, are current & active members of the Valley College Neighborhood Group. Under his leadership, John has encouraged these groups to report crime, foster “good neighbor” values, and instill civic pride within San Bernardino. John references the term “apple pie values,” and sees these values of great use for San Bernardino’s 3rd Ward. John is a strong supporter of grassroots efforts and is committed to providing opportunities for residents to take back their streets and get involved.

John Valdivia is committed to local schools, quality education and improving the quality of life for residents. John advocates for lower taxes, elimination of government waste, decreased spending and is strongly supportive of listening to residents. John believes that the best lesson and shared value is to TEACH people how to fish rather than just providing entitlements and distributing fish.

John is married to Bethany Grace, and enjoy raising their son, J. Andrew, and love their two dogs: Lola and Penny.  Together they enjoy walks, travel, and being active in their respective neighborhood group.

Qualified, Opinionated, & Researched Fact Finder

John Valdivia can best be described as passionate and energetic, and is conscientious and well aware of the issues plaguing San Bernardino city hall and local city government. John has joined with local partners across various neighborhood groups, pastors, not-for-profit agencies, and has been instrumental in reducing crime, blight, graffiti, and impacting good for San Bernardino. John often reminds himself of the credo,

“If not ME, then WHO? and if not NOW, then WHEN?”

and abides by that conviction as he prepares for meetings, town hall presentations, and community advocacy on issues that will improve the quality of life for citizens in San Bernardino.

John carefully monitors the various city, county, state & federal programs, along with transportation initiatives that will impact the wallet of the local taxpayer. John believes that residents, citizens, and taxpayers are the first to be informed and part of the process in allocating and signing off on planned growth. As part of his preparation, John unashamedly calls local officials, dialogues with staff members, and questions the validity of projects that are too often found to be wasteful and inconsiderate of taxpayers. Furthermore, John often calls into question the priority list of the elected and compares it with the huge gap expressed from the constituents they serve.

John poses tough questions, and readily prepares his monthly calendar and appears at meetings that relate to issues impacting the daily life of residents in San Bernardino. John is fearless in getting to the heart of the matter and resolute in fact finding, uncovering often times wasteful taxpayer spending, exorbitant salary packages, and duplicate or overlapping wasteful program spending.

John Valdivia  is conservative in his approach to government, believing that government doesn’t have all the solutions.  Many times, residents would agree, that government is hindering the success of the entrepreneurial, free spirit of the American spirit, and, whether, local or state, federal or county, John Valdivia is committed in his endeavor to allocate funding, be resourceful in designing, and at all times, allow for expressions of freedom known to America’s great traditions that are evident in advances relative to education, medicine, business, government, transportation, and law.