Smelly Business

Statement from Councilman John Valdivia

Quality of life is critically important to residents in San Bernardino. After fielding several phone calls from residents complaining of the unpleasant odors originating from Co-West Commodities in December 2012, I coordinated with a local community-based activist agency and proactively sponsored a “Smelly Business Workshop” to address our residential concerns.

The intent was to conduct a resident-oriented workshop with the objective of creating awareness of the issue & equipping residents with complaint hotlines from surrounding agencies, including the regional air quality agency and the city of San Bernardino.

I salute the efforts of concerned residents within the Mt. Vernon and Valley College area of the City of San Bernardino. I have requested additional resources and support from our City Attorney, Community Development, and Code Enforcement departments at City Hall. Residents expect their tax dollars to work for them. They expect these efforts be applied to the alleged violations as they sit ready and willing to work in tandem with these & other agencies to address nuisance business practices that intrude on our community.

I have been intently vigilant on this issue and remain fully committed to finding appropriate remedies that will sustain & improve the quality of life for our residents.20140709-175628-64588384.jpg

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Urban Poverty

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Citizen’s Public Safety Town Hall

Public Safety Meeting

Public Safety Meeting


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Honoring San Bernardino Police Officer Shaun Jarvis


I was in attendance and participant at the National day of Prayer event held at San Bernardino City Hall, when I was informed personally of the tragic passing of our SBPD Officer Shaun Jarvis. My condolences to the family of Officer Jarvis and our entire Police department.

For more on the story, read:

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Spring Forward with New Times at San Bernardino City Hall

New times at public meetings will help people join in the conversation of how their tax dollar is spent in our city. Further, our community has been highlighted as being apathetic and absent in attending city council meetings. Residents face demands working, raising their families, and other pressures during the day. Quality family time around the dinner table is often scarce due to the many pressures we face daily. Therefore, I’m making a bold step to change the way we conduct meetings at city hall.

I believe in this era of newness at City Hall every effort should be made to actively and with a verifiable level of transparency engage the community, more and more, says Valdivia.

City meetings shouldn’t place our public on the back burner making access to information time consuming which, further limits the public input and involvement. Therefore, I’ve placed, Item 7A on the April 7, 2014 Council Agenda, for consideration.

The motion reads as follows:
Discuss and Take Possible Action to Change the Mayor and Common Council Meeting Open Session Start Time to 6:30 P.M.

For more information please download the backup material along with a survey of public meeting time, days and closed session times I submitted to surrounding cities.

Additionally, our local city news reporter from SB Sun, Ryan Hagen, provides further information in his story, San Bernardino City Council may change start times.

City Time Survey

City Time Survey

I invite you to email me direct with your thoughts or questions:

You can also follow live tweets as I will update directly from my council chair @SB3rdJohn

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Valdivia’s 31st Congressional Race, Press Release

Statement from Councilman John Valdivia
March 11, 2014

United States Capitol

United States Capitol

After U.S. Representative Gary Miller made his unexpected decision not to seek re-election, I was asked by many Republican leaders to consider running for Congress. I am honored by the encouragement and support my prospective candidacy received across the 31st Congressional District. After much consideration, I have decided that the time is not right for me to seek higher office. The City of San Bernardino is facing critical decisions in rebuilding our economy and preserving our city services. These decisions are vital to the City of San Bernardino’s future and require a focus that would be difficult to achieve while also conducting a winning campaign for Congress. In the months to come, the city of San Bernardino will be facing increasing efforts to assess our community’s service delivery. My efforts as city councilman will be focused on the following needs expressed by our community-at-large:

  • Wasteful & Excessive Government Spending—looking for ways to balance our city budget, establish a reserve fund, and prioritize spending while not raising taxes.
  • City Government Basic Essentials—priorities that restore measured outcomes in crime suppression and blight reduction, and building a more positive San Bernardino image regionally.
  • Business Development—a reawakening of business, entrepreneurs, and development in this region. We will rebuild trust and confidence within our business sectors, and, welcome development projects what will help us rebuild our neighborhoods.

The Inland Empire needs a new generation of leadership to restore our region’s prosperity. I look forward to being part of the leadership team working to accomplish these goals in the months and years to come.

About John Valdivia, Councilman – City of San Bernardino

Councilman Valdivia was elected as councilman in November 2011 with nearly 70% of the electorate supporting him. Months after his swearing in March 2012, San Bernardino experienced severe financial pressures that eventually led to their filing for municipal bankruptcy. In the course of 18 months (March 2012 through November 2013), Councilman Valdivia lead efforts in restoring the public’s voice at City Hall and conducted well over 24 town hall meetings in his ward addressing public safety, crime reduction efforts, blight eradication, graffiti cost containments and inter-departmental efficiencies at San Bernardino City Hall. In Spring 2013, a special interest group sought his recall, yet, Councilman Valdivia, in November 2013, was the ONLY elected official to defeat the recall. He remains seated as councilman advocating for residents in his community with a resounding 63% of voters rejecting the recall. San Bernardino City Councilman John Valdivia is committed to neighborhood values, and grew up in San Bernardino. John has inspired others to exhibit their civic pride in San Bernardino and encouraged their involvement to restore its greatness. More recently, Councilman Valdivia resurrected a neighborhood group, Victoria Neighborhood Group and formed the team to establish Amtrak Neighborhood Group; John, and his wife, Bethany, are current & active members of the Valley College Neighborhood Group. Under his leadership, Councilman Valdivia has encouraged these groups to report crime, foster “good neighbor” values, and instill civic pride within San Bernardino. John is married to Bethany Grace, and proud parents to their son, J. Andrew. As a family, The Valdivia’s enjoy walks, travel, and being active in their respective neighborhood group.

For further information visit
Twitter: @sb3RDjohn
Facebook: Councilman John Valdivia

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Charter Reform, A Time Line to the Ballot



Several amendments in the Government Code, which went into effect this January, change the process and timing required to get a charter amendment before the voters. Most notably:

  1. The governing body must hold two public hearings, at least 30 days apart from each other, and they must notice the public about the hearings at least 21 days prior to each hearing; and the council shall not conduct a vote on whether to approve the submission to the voters of the proposal to adopt a charter until 21 days after the second public hearing.
  2. The last date to get anything on a ballot is 88 days prior to the election – or August 8. If the council chose, it could hold a special/or regular adjourned meeting August 7 to call the election for November 4, 2014.

Working backward from the August 7 date, the City Attorney’s Office and the City Clerk’s Office have determined these to be the required deadlines for getting an item on the November 2014 ballot:

May 19: Charter Reform Committee Recommendations to MCC
May 20-28: City Attorney Office to write Charter amendment language, title and ballot summary
May 29: Publication of Notice for Public Hearing #1 (First notice May 29, 2014, Second Notice on June 5)
June 18: Public Hearing #1
June 27: Publication of Notice for Public Hearing #2(First notice on June 27, Second Notice on July 3)
July 18: Public Hearing #2
August 4: Regular Council meeting
August 7: Call the Election (Adjourned Regular Meeting) for November 4, 2014

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Charter Reform Draft Resolution

Charter Reform

Charter Reform

Download Valdivia’a Amended Resolution – Mar 3, 2014

I had an excellent conversation with the mayor and it was very productive and touched on many of my priorities and mutually benefical to our city and him as our mayor. I made my case as to the “why” of the attached. . . he listened and suggested these indeed had merit.

Again, charter reform if important to our community, and valued by the new team at city hall, then we must provide a good platform as we arrange the chairs for this Charter Reform committee. More to come.

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Congressman Gary Miller, an Effective Representative

resultsCongressman Gary Miller is an effective Representative for our local communities.  His decision to retire from Congress after 16 years of dedicated service will leave very large shoes to fill.

I have been honored to work closely with Congressman Miller and to serve as one of his personal appointees to the California Republican Party.  Congressman Miller has been a strong voice for job creation, for small business and for fiscal responsibility.  He has stood tall in opposing the failed Big Government approach coming out of Washington D.C.

Please join me in expressing your gratitude to Congressman Miller for his service to our District and to our Nation.

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Fall 2013–Tour of the 3rd Ward

Twice each year, usually Spring and Fall there is a emphasis of me conducting activities in the ward, that allow residents to interact directly with their elected official. As such, I have several exciting events planned to foster community relations, encourage and stimulate personal interaction with residents, and gain feedback from the folks that sent me to city hall to represent THEIR interests. Join me at any of the planned following events:

  • Monday, August 26, 2013 at 6pm–Lytle Creek Mobile Estates 1177 W Congress, San Bernardino–workshop on federal funding and resources to assist with mobile home repairs.  (*EVENT HAS PASSED–well over 100 residents were in attendance)
  • Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 6pm–Oasis Palms Mobile Estates 201 S Pennsylvania, San Bernardino–workshop on federal funding and resources to assist with mobile home repairs.  (*EVENT HAS PASSED–well over 75 residents were in attendance)
  • Monday, Sept 9, 2013 at 6pm–Fire Station Appreciation and Back to School Night *Back-Pack-Give-a-Way** San Bernardino City Fire Station #9, Corner of 2nd and Meridian.
  • Tuesday, Sept 10, 2013 at 6:30pm–Townhall Meeting, Cornerstone Assembly of God, 1525 Richardson St (Corner of San Bernardino Avenue & Richardson). Come personally meet Councilman John Valdivia and interact with other civic-minded folks on issues you want to address with the councilman.
  • Wednesday, Sept 11, 2013 at 6pm–Fire Station Appreciation and Back to School Night *Back-Pack-Give-a-Way** San Bernardino City Fire Station #11, 450 East Vanderbilt, San Bernardino. Memorial service honoring our fallen heroes and fire station tours. Free BBQ & play area complete with jumper for the kids–bring the family!
  • Thursday, Sept 12, 2013 at 6:30pm–Townhall Meeting, Garcia Elementary School, 1390 W Randall (corner of Randall and Meridian). Come personally meet Councilman John Valdivia and interact with other civic-minded folks on issues you want to address with the councilman.
  • Saturday, Sept 14, 2013 at 9am–Townhall Meeting, Sierra Vista Baptist Church, 2300 North Rancho Avenue, San Bernardino.  Come personally meet Councilman John Valdivia and interact with other civic-minded folks on issues you want to address with the councilman.

For more information, call John personally at 909-362-7937. Hope to see you at any one of these events.

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